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Pioneers in renewable solutions on the Costa Blanca Since 1994

Contact or visit us for: Solar powered pool pumps, Solar powered pool lights, Electric vehicle chargers, Pellet stoves, Water softening systems, Drinking water filtration, Air circulation systems, Ceiling heating/cooling, Pool cleaning robots, Jacuzzis, Pool covers, Salt electrolysis systems and Automatic pH systems.

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Solar Power Systems

Solar Power Systems

Solar Power Systems

Solar Power Systems

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Why choose Solar Power Systems?

With more than 25 years of experience, thousands of clients and our own team of FEMPA certified installers, we have been a household name on the Costa Blanca Since 1994. We can help you with almost anything in the area of electricity, heating and cooling solutions, water, gas and pools, with a focus on grid-connected solar photovoltaic systems.

We speak English, Dutch, German, Spanish and French

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Premium Materials

We only utilise premium materials by A-brands that have proven themselves in Spain over the years and that offer the best possible support.

Pragmatic approach

We follow a pragmatic approach that prioritises the use of premium quality materials, in combination with the best possible installation, support and after-service.

Build Sustainably

Do not automatically assume that your constructer know everything about renewable solutions. Especially when you built a new house, you have a one time chance to fix everything in the best way from the start.

Eye for detail

Besides of course a perfect working system with premium support, we find the aesthetic finishing of our system very important, and we are know for our eye for detail.

Physical Showroom

We have a large physical showroom and office on the Calpe-Moraira coast-road, where you are always welcome.

Installation Experience

Our FEMPA certified installers and electricians all have lot’s of experience with all home, roof and pool types. From modern new-built villa’s to hundreds of year old finca’s.

Experience in Spain

Not just more then 25 years of experience, but experience in Spain, with the Spanish market, partners, construction, administration and especially, experience with the Spanish power grid, grid operators and utility companies.

Partners and construction

We have an impressive network of partners and we are used to a good communication with construction companies and architects.