Solar Thermic Panels

Solar thermic panels (not to be confused with solar photovoltaic panels) collect heat from the sun and use this to heat water. This can reduce your hot water production cost with up to 75%. The hot water is stored inside a tank and is immediately available for every household use. They have a lifespan of up to 20 years, are ideal for the Costa Blanca and only need a space of 4m2 aimed at the South, East or West.

Depending on the situation and budget, we mostly use the brands SolahartAriston or Viesmann.

Compact systems

With a compact system, both the panels and the tank are placed on the roof or in the garden. This eliminates the need for a pump and other hydraulic elements, thereby simplifying the overall installation. The number of panels is based upon the amount of hot water needed.

solar boilers compact
solar boilers split

Split systems

With split systems, the panels are placed on the roof or in the garden and the tank is placed inside the house. This reduces the aesthetic impact of the installation because there is no tank on the roof or in the garden. Since the tank can be placed at different locations, it can be placed closer to the main distribution points, allowing faster access to the hot water.

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