Solar Pool Pumps

In many Spanish homes with a pool, pool pumps are one of the biggest, if not the biggest, electricity consumers. Even if you are not in Spain for months, the pool pump will have to run for hours every day, resulting in electricity costs. By using a solar-powered pool pump, you can get rid of these costs completely.

Depending on the situation, we usually opt for pumps from the brands Lorentz or Davey.

solar pool pumps
Bacteria and Viruses

Because solar powered pool pumps run all day, the water keeps moving throughout the day, which means that bacteria and viruses can develop much less quickly.

Clean Energy and Low Bills

Solar pool pumps only use electricity supplied by the solar panels and do not use electricity from the grid.

Quiet and Efficient

Solar pool pumps are more efficient and make less noise than traditional pool pumps.

Less Chlorine

Because the pump runs all day instead of a couple of hours, less chlorine is necessary.

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