Solar Pool Lights

Solar pool lights provide an illuminated pool without energy costs, risk of leakage and cabling. The lights are easy to install without the pool having to be (partially) drained. The lights are therefore a great alternative to expensive and difficult to install “normal” pool lighting and are designed and made by the Spanish company Ledecsun.

solar pool lights solar power systems
No Electricity

No electricity from the grid is used, so the lights burn for free.

Auto On/Off

The lights have a built-in light sensor that makes them switch on and off automatically.

No Leakage

Because no cables are used, there is no risk of leakage.

No Draining

Installing the lights is very easy and no water will have to be taken out of the pool.

RoHS Certificates

The pool lights are made of high quality materials and meet the RoHs certification.

Low Voltage

Due to the low voltage (4V), no dangerous situations can arise.

320 Lumens

The lights are 320 lumens and we advise one light per 20m2.


The lights have a 2 year warranty and are designed and made in Spain.


The lights cost €215,- (IVA incl.) and are available in our shop.

Installing the lights takes les then 5 minutes!

Mounting the lights is very easy. There is no drilling necessary and you do not have to go into the swimming pool when placing the light. The lights can be installed within 5 minutes using the supplied glue (2 tubes in case you want to move the light later).
solar pool lights 1

Apply as follows:

1: Remove the sticker on the back of the light before application. This will activate the light sensor.

2: Open the supplied tube of glue and apply the glue to the back of the light (in the middle).

3: Look carefully at what height you want to place the light and look carefully that the light is placed straight.

4: Apply the light to the wall and press it hard for about 30 seconds. Give the light 24-48 time to fully charge for the first time.

Automatic on-off via light sensor / High quality lithium ion battery / 4V LEDs / 320 Lumens / 1.2 kg / Diameter 310mm / Incl. two tubes of glue / Chlorinated and salt water / Robot resistant / Designed and made in Spain / 2 year warranty

Would you like more information about solar pool lights or a demonstration? Contact us or visit our showroom!

Solar Pool Lights