Solar Pool Heating

Increase the value and enjoyment of your pool by increasing the number of days it can be used. Heat your pool (7 degrees on average) in a clean and efficient way by using solar pool heating via polypropylene mats.
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Swimming Season

Extend the swimming season by months.

Free Heating

Solar pool heating systems do not use electricity but only clean sunlight.


When the system is used at night, it can cool down your pool in summer.

On or Off

By creating a bypass you can decide when you do or do not want to use the solar pool heating system.

How does it work?

A solar pool heating system circulates pool water through polypropylene mats and back into the pool. To control the temperature of the swimming pool water, a differential thermostat can determine whether additional heat is required. A bypass is made for when the system does not have to be used. The system can be installed on almost any swimming pool and requires little to no maintenance.

How much space do I need?

You can calculate how much space you need by taking 60% of the surface area of your pool.

Example: The pool size is 8 metres by 4 metres. 8 x4 = 32m2. 60% of 32m2 = 19,2 m2.

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