Still have an empty roof in a country with 300+ days of sunshine?

Use your empty roof to drastically lower your electricity bill!

Lower Electricity Bill

Even with a small system you can drastically lower your electricity bill.

Professional Installation

Our solar panel systems are installed by FEMPA certified installers with hundreds of systems of experience on all home, roof and surface ground types.

Possible Everywhere

Solar panels can be installed on flat and inclined roofs, terraces and gardens.

300+ Sunny Days

The Costa Blanca is the perfect region for solar panels with 300+ days of sunshine per year.

Premium Materials

We only utilize the best (tier 1) inverters, batteries and solar panel brands.


All systems come with a handy smartphone/tablet and browser app that will give you a lot of (live) information about the production of the system and the consumption of your home.

Payback Period

A system based on your consumption can be earned back in 5-7 years, depending on the usage.


Not using all your generated electricity? Sell it to your electricity supplier!

Including Paperwork

All of our solar panel systems include the registration and legalization of the system at the ministry of industry and GVA.

Long Warranties

Inverter warranties up to 10 years and up to 25 years guaranteed electricity production on solar panels.

Excellent Finishing

All cables are neatly concealed in the walls whenever possible. When this is not possible, cable ducts in the color of the house are used. A beautiful finish of the system is in our eyes one of the most important aspects of the system.

Battery Extendable

Because we work with hybrid inverters you will nearly always have the option to extend with battery storage.

Switching Service

Our switching service will find out what electricity supplier has the lowest tariffs, the lowest fixed costs and the highest reimbursements in your situation. We will then switch you to this supplier for free (paperwork, communication, cancelling of old contract etc).

All-in-one Packages starting at:
3.915,- (incl. IVA)
(2,43 kWp - 4.260 kWh per year)
Top Quality Inverters (Huawei, Fronius or SMA)Top Quality Inverters (Huawei, Fronius or SMA)
Top Quality Solar Panels (Jinko Solar Cheetah Mono HC PERC)Top Quality Solar Panels (Jinko Solar Cheetah Mono HC PERC)
Smart MeterSmart Meter
Mounting Materials (Roof mounting or storm-proof horizontal mounting)Mounting Materials (Roof mounting or storm-proof horizontal mounting)
Installation (FEMPA certified)Installation (FEMPA certified)
Additional Electrical ComponentsAdditional Electrical Components
Cabling and cable ductsCabling and cable ducts
Registration and Legalization of the SystemRegistration and Legalization of the System
Changing Service (changing electricity supplier)Changing Service (changing electricity supplier)
Administrative Support and After-serviceAdministrative Support and After-service
Long WarrantiesLong Warranties
Inquire proposal

How does it work?

Electricity that is produced by the solar panels is converted from DC to AC electricity by an inverter. Any generated electricity is directly used by your home and when your home needs more, additional electricity will be taken from the power grid.

And what about the electricity I don't use?

If you are generating more electricity than you need, the surplus electricity will be fed back into the power grid, for which you will be reimbursed by your electricity supplier. Because we use hybrid inverters, it is also possible to store surplus electricity inside a battery for later use.

Choose a company trusted by thousands since 1994

The Best Materials

We only use high quality materials with warranties up to 25 years and that have the correct certification according to the regulations of the Ministry of Industry.

The Best Installation

Our systems are installed by our FEMPA certified installers, with hundreds of systems of experience in all types of homes and on all types of roofs and surfaces.

The Best Support

All our solar panels come with the registration of the system, the legalization of the grid injection, the change of energy supplier and the cancellation of the old energy supplier.

You can only choose your solar partner once!

Choose a company with real experience in Spain that properly knows the market, the Spanish way of building, Spanish houses, Spanish roof types and Spanish bureaucracy. We also have a lot of experience with other systems that can be interesting in combination with solar photovoltaic panels, like air to water heat pumps and swimming pool heating systems.

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Would you like a quick and obligation free solar PV panel proposal?

Send us your electricity bill and we will send you a proposal based on your consumption and roof orientation/inclination.
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    Send us your electricity bill so that we will have information about your electricity connection and consumption.

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    Using our software that looks at the orientation and inclination of your roof we will design you a system proposal based on your electricity consumption.

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    Site Visit

    Every house and roof in Spain is different. We gladly come by your home to take a look at your situation together.


Frequently asked questions about solar panels in Spain


How many panels do I need?

This of course depends on your consumption and is different for everyone. When you send us your energy bill, we can view your consumption of the last 12 months and make you an offer based on your consumption. Despite the fact that you are reimbursed for the injected electricity, a system based on your consumption is the best investment. A panel of 400W aimed to the south (100×200 cm) will generate approx. 700 kWh per year. Please note that the panels generate a lot more in the summer than in the winter and that you cannot absorb your night-time consumption with solar energy (unless a battery is used).

Can I expand the system later?

In most cases you can expand the system with one, two or three panels of, for example, 400W. If you plan to expand with more panels in the future, we can offer a stronger inverter. Especially if you plan to heat your swimming pool electrically in the future or to switch to a heat pump, we recommend a future-proof inverter.

What about batteries?

Energy that you do not use can be stored in one or more batteries. Instead of returning the electricity, you can use this electricity at times when the panels generate little or no energy.

What if there is shade on one or more panels?

Shade can negatively affect production. When shade can fall on one or more panels, optimisers are to be used. Optimisers ensure that the panels in the shade cannot negatively influence the panels in the sun.

What happens if the main power grid fails?

A grid-connected system cannot supply your home with energy when the main power grid is lost, unless a UPS system or inverter with UPS function is used, such as the Fronius GEN24.

Which solar panels do you use?

We usually use solar panels from Jinko Solar or Sunpower. We only work with panels from tier 1 brands and when choosing, we mainly look at the available space. Our panels are monocrystalline, HC (half-cut) PERC panels with an efficiency of 20% or higher.

Which inverters do you use?

We usually use inverters from Fronius, Huawei, SMA or Victron. We only use inverters that are certified in Spain and we look at the wishes of our customers when choosing. There are normal grid-connected inverters, hybrid inverters (with battery storage option) and inverters with UPS function (can provide your house with energy in the event of a failure of the main power grid).

Does the system need maintenance?

No, the system does not require maintenance, but cleaning the panels will improve production. From 2021 we will offer a cleaning service.

Do you also supply and install off-grid systems?

Yes. If you do not want to be connected to the main power grid or if you have a house without an energy connection (campo), an off-grid / standalone solar panel system with a battery bank can offer a solution.


How are the panels installed on the roofs?

With a diamond drill we drill a hole through the roof tile and the “bardo” (red stones used in roofing suits in Spain). Here we insert a threaded end and then the hole is sealed all around with a special waterproof glue so that there is no chance of leakage. Rails are mounted on the threaded end on which the panels are placed. There is a small space between the roof and the panels, so that cool air can flow under the panels.

How are the panels installed on flat surfaces?

For flat surfaces we use two types of prefab concrete foundations (fixed and adjustable in inclination) or aluminum constructions. The main focus is on the possible wind pressure and the aesthetic impact of the system. In most cases you will receive a wind pressure report from us regarding the mounting system.

Where do you install?

We install on the Marina Alta from Denia to Benidorm. If you live just outside of this area, please contact us.

What languages do the installers speak?

Our solar panel installation teams speak Dutch, German, English and Spanish.

Who installs the systems?

Our own team of FEMPA certified installers and electricians with a lot of experience on all roof types and surfaces.

What is the delivery time for installation?

On average 7 to 14 days.

How long does the installation take?

Installation usually takes a day (up to 12 panels). After installation, we come by for the paperwork and to explain the system and the accompanying app.

Do the systems have an app?

Yes. All our systems have an app. With this app you can view the production of the panels, the (live) consumption of your home, how much energy you feed back and how much energy you still get from the main power grid. The app can be used on Android and IOS devices and is also available in any internet browser (laptops / PCs).

How are the cables concealed?

The cables that go from the panels to the inverter are neatly concealed in cable ducts. The cables on the roof, which are not visible, are also placed in flexpipe. At the inverter, the cables are neatly hidden so that the whole will look ecstatically pleasing. A neat finish of the system is very important to us.


Are solar panels now legal in Spain?

Yes. Where you previously had to pay a tax on the returned energy (untill April 2019 – Impuesto del sol) you will now receive a compensation for the returned energy (real decree 244/2019).

What about the paperwork?

To receive reimbursements for returned energy, the solar panel system must be registered and the grid injection must be legalised at the Ministry of Industry. When this is done, we receive a certificate, with which we can go to the energy supplier to apply for the reimbursements. These administrative activities come included with our systems. We do not register and legalise third party systems.

What are the reimbursements?

You will receive a compensation of approx. 5 cents (excel. IVA) per kWh that is returned. The returned energy is stated on your monthly energy bill. The value of this energy is deducted from the energy you still have to pay. You continue to pay the fixed part of the bill (electricity connection and taxes) and the number of kWhs may not be negative.

What is the switch service?

The switch service is free for our customers. We look at which energy supplier can provide the best rates and lowest fixed costs in your situation and we transfer you. We do all the paperwork and communication and cancel your old energy contract.

Do you lease, finance or rent systems?

No, at this moment we don’t.

Would you like more information, a demonstration or a quotation? Contact us at anytime or visit out showroom!
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