Pool Heat Pumps

Swimming pools can be heated effectively in two ways. If you want to be able to swim all year round, this can easily be achieved via a pool heat pump with pool cover. When an extension of the swimming season is sufficient for you, a small heat pump or a solar pool heating system is sufficient.

The most effective way of pool heating is through air-water pool heat pumps. We offer various models of heat pumps, depending on the size and location / orientation of the pool. In general, we only work with A-quality pumps from van Astralpool, Zodiac, Polytropic and Hayward.

pool heat pumps solar power systems

The great advantage of a heat pump is that it can produce more energy than it consumes. For every kWh taken from the electricity grid, 3 to 5 kWh of thermal energy is obtained for the pool.


Heat pumps can be easily integrated into the existing pool pump and filter system. All you need is a free space where the heat pump can be placed.

Inverter Technology

All our heat pumps are inverters. An inverter heat pump uses less energy than a traditional heat pump and can determine for itself whether and when it should heat faster or slower.

Silent and Smart

A heat pump makes about as much noise as the outdoor unit of an air conditioner. Most heat pumps today can be controlled remotely with a smartphone / tablet app.

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