Pool Heat Pumps: A warm pool all year round

The air-to-water pool heat pump is the most efficient and ecological system that requires the least consumption to heat your pool water via electricity.
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The big advantage of heat pumps lies in the fact that they produce more energy than they use. This means that for every kWh taken from the electricity grid, three to five kWh of thermal energy is obtained for the pool.


Heat pumps are integrated with the pump and filter system of the swimming pool. When cold water enters the heat pump, it absorbs energy from the air and raises the temperature to varying degrees.

All year round

A heat pump can easily heat your pool all year round, depending on the model. When you would like to swim in winter, a pool cover is used to avoid temperature losses at night.

Inverter Technology

An inverter heat pump is more efficient, uses less energy and can decide for itself whether it should work quicker/slower.


Pool heat pumps make no more noise than the average refrigerator.

Smartphone Apps

Most pool heat pumps can be controlled by smartphone or tablet.

Solar Panels

Pool heat pumps are very interesting to be combined with solar panels.