The Essential jacuzzi range by Astralpool seeks to strike a balance between functionality, performance and costs. For those who don’t want to heat their swimming pool the whole year, a jacuzzi could be an pleasant alternative.

*model E for three people

Made in Spain

The Astralpool Essential jacuzzi's and accessories are made in Spain.

Full Hydromassage

With 24 strategically placed water jets, the jacuzzi will give you the best possible massage.

Long Life

A structure made of galvanised steel is used in combination with a highly resistant ABS base for withstanding the weight of the spa. The spa shell is reinforced to give the product a longer service life.

Beautiful Designs

The jacuzzi's can be installed with different materials and designs for every interior or design-taste. They can be used by 2 to 4 people, depending on the model.

Would you like more information or a demonstration (Astralpool Essential model E)? Contact us ur visit our showroom!