Electricity Supplier Change-Service

Our electricity supplier change-service can get you much better electricity tariffs and fixed costs then you have now. We do all the communication and paperwork for you and cancel the contract with the old supplier. If you have solar panels, the new supplier will also pay you for the injected solar electricity.

The costs of this service are €50,- including IVA.

This service is free of charge when:

  • You buy one of our all-in-one solar pv panel kits
  • You have bough solar pv panels form us
  • You buy a solar pv panel system from us within 6 months after using this service (€50,- will be deducted from the invoice).

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Lower Tariffs

Pay much lower tariffs per kWh (both fixed and day/night tariffs).

Lower Fixed Costs

Pay much lower fixed costs for your electricity connection.

Solar Electricity Reimbursements

You will receive the highest possible reimbursements for injected solar-electricity.

Always the best deal!

We are not an agent of energy suppliers and we do not sell electricity ourselves, which makes us able to offer you very low tariffs. We only want our clients to have much lower electricity bills!

Solar Panel Cleaning Service

A professional cleaning service that can clean your solar panels using the right materials and cleaning products, in order to increase your production.

Estimated costs:

Accessible areas up to 20 metres height: €5,- + IVA per panel

Difficult accessible areas: €8,- + IVA per panel

(Minimum callout fee: 45,- + IVA)

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Quality Cleaning

Cleaning is done with top quality gear and with de-ionised water (zero ppm TDS).


Your panels will be cleaned by professional cleaners with lot's of experience.

Discount on Windows

Receive a hefty discount on the cleaning of your windows!

Increased Production

Getting your panels cleaned every once and a while will increase the production of your system.

Roof Inspection (drone) Service

The roof inspection (drone) service can inspect your roof in order to see what is there, what the state of your roof is and what the state of your roof tiles is. We will also make beautiful sky images to view your house in a way as you have never seen before.

The costs of this service are €50,- including IVA.

Did you buy a solar pv panel system from us in the last 12 months? Then this service is free of charge! 

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Roof Tiles

We fully check the state of your roof and roof tiles.

Sky Images

We send you beautiful high quality images of your home.


We can advise and help you with/about anything that's on your roof (solar pv panels, solar thermic panels, solar boilers etc).

Solar PV panels

We can make you a obligation free solar PV panel quotation and energy report, based on your roof.