Drinking Water Filtration

Ultrafiltration membrane and activated carbon filters

An easy to install and optimal water filtering system for cooking, cleaning of fruit and vegetables and simply for the purpose of drinking water

drinking water filtration
Easy Integrable

This system is easy integrable in any kitchen cupboard and on any sink.

Clean Water

The filter filters out 99% of the impurities, viruses, germs, bacteria chlorine, chemicals, fungicides and herbicides.

Easy and Sustainable

No more heavy bottles from the supermarkets and less use of harmful plastic.

Better Smell and Taste

No more odours and chlorine taste

How does it work?

The filter is easy to install and only takes little space. The filtered water can be supplied trough two different kinds of taps:

Single tap

A single tap is installed on the kitchen sink beside the normal tap.

Double tap

The current tap is replaced by a tap that can give both normal (hot and cold) as well as filtered water.

Technical details

Designed and manufactured in Germany

Synteti c PE hollow fi ber membran (0,1 micron)

Total filter capacity: 7275 Liter / 1600 Gallon

Max flow rate per minute: 4,8 Liter / 1,06 Gallon

Water pressure: 10-125 PSI

Filter change: 1 year

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Drinking Water Filtration